04 Oct 2018: LC3-Info Day in Guwahati

LC3-Information Day

04th October 2018

Guwahati, INDIA

The Mitigation of CO2-emissions in the cement industry is becoming a must in most countries. One of the levers, the reduction of the clinker factor, is usually seen as impacting the cement quality. In addition, current supplementary cementitious materials like reactive fly ash and slag are currently limited to less than 20% of cement demand worldwide and this will decrease in the near future.

For the last five years our team from the Swiss École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) has been working on a new cement called LC3 made of only 50% clinker content in cement plus a combination of calcined clay (30%) and limestone (15%).
After preliminary tests conducted in laboratory first, industrial trials have been made in India and Cuba and full scale structures built. Projects are ongoing in several other countries.
LC3 has the unique advantage of matching, OPC – CEM I performance for lower production and investment costs. And of course, a reduction of CO2-emissions by more than 30% compared to OPC. With respect to durability in chloride environments and avoiding expansion with reactive aggregates it is far superior to OPC.
We are organising an information day in Guwahati on 04th October 2018 and would be very happy to share with you all the advantages of this “cement of tomorrow”.
Radisson Blu Hotel Guwahati
National Highway 37, Gotanagar, Guwahati 781033, Assam, India

For registration, please send your details to lc3trc@devalt.org