4th Doctoral school LC3

Characterisation methods of blended cements

3-4-5-6 April 2018

EPFL, Lausanne

This doctoral school aims to train industrialists and young researchers in the use of blended cements. This programme covers aspects of hydration of blended cements and the physicochemical characterisation of supplementary cementitious materials particularly calcined clays. The focus is on practical work with two afternoons devoted to laboratory practices on microscopy, XRD and calorimetry.

Topics will include (theory and practise):

  • Hydration
  • Pozzolanic reactivity assessment
  • XRD and microscopy
  • Mechanical behaviour overtime
  • Mix design and admixtures
  • Processing

Requirement: basic knowledge on cement chemistry

Student: 500 CHF
Regular: 1500 CHF

(Scholarships available upon request)