The most promising route to improving the sustainability of Cement & Concrete is to blend Portland Cement Clinker with substitution materials often referred to as Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCMs).

However supplies of the most common SCMs, which are slag and fly ash are quiet limited compared to the worldwide production of cement.

The first conference on Calcined Clays showed that calcined clays are the most promising source of additional SCMs which can make a substantial contribution to lowering further the environmental impact of Cement & Concrete.

This conference aims to follow up the scientific studies and experiences of the application of Calcined Clays in Cement and Concrete in mainstream construction projects.


Topics will include

  • Influence of processing on reactivity of Calcined Clays Influence of Clay Mineralogy on reactivity
  • Geology of clay deposits
  • Portland – Calcined Clay systems
  • Hydration, Durability, Performance Portland – Calcined Clay – Limestone systems
  • Hydration, Durability, Performance Calcined Clay – Alkali systems
  • Life cycle analysis, Economics and environmental impact of use of Calcined Clays in cement and concrete
  • Field Applications


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